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How To Get 3-five Genuine Estate Leads For each Day With no Zillow or Real estate

How To Get 3-five Genuine Estate Leads For each Day With no Zillow or Real estate

There are 4 uncomplicated techniques to generate 3-five Genuine Estate and Property finance loan potential customers each solitary working day With no Zillow, real estate agent,com or any those people third social gathering search web-sites. You can effortlessly generate 3-five consumer or vendor potential customers applying Facebook promoting.

In this online video, I share the 4 techniques I use with my clientele to generate excellent true estate potential customers with Facebook Advertisements.

If you might be not closing promotions from Facebook advertisements, you might be undertaking it all improper…

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  2. Thanks but my problem that I cannot find an answer to is how to make the homes list on a landing page, etc? Ive been sitting on a facebook ad draft for over a week trying to research how to make the homes list. Thanks

  3. Fantastic info…one question Adam…how do you send the lead email or phone number from messenger to your database? Do you use a third party service for that?

  4. Cool info. It’s all about follow up.

  5. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Awesome content! πŸ‘


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