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Home Financial loan EMI Calculation in Tamil

Movie clarifies about Housing loan calculation for EMI in Tamil.



  1. so bank earn both side. Thank for the information

  2. Bro!,
    In the era of inflation, home loan is very cheap!.
    Whereas, now we are enjoying deflationary period!.
    For the next 30 years, living in a rental space is cheaper than building a home!.

  3. Bro, ok as per u home loan is not a wise decision.. But if we don't have a home, we ll have to pay rent which is also a wise decision either la..

  4. Bro… I am in bangalore.. pls let me know who is giving 3bhk flat for 12k rent… Don't spread rumor…

  5. U talking home as a expenses.. Remember it is an asset.. if u planned well u can pay early home loan.. 90% middle class own house dream become true bcz of home loan…


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