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Movie tells you every thing you require to know about the USDA Loan Software. Look at it out.



  1. My main question is do they subtract out how much you pay for benefits for qualifying income, i.e. I pay my employer about $200 per week for health insurance. When the IRS calculates my gross income this is subtracted out, is it also subtracted out from my gross income when getting a USDA loan?

  2. I am interested in checking out a USDA loan but dont have much info on this .I need to a office in the kalamazoo michigan area .

  3. Pooler is considered rural.

  4. My credit is fair, 650 to 690. I would love to start the process of owning my own home. I was looking into a USDA loan, but unless it's 0% down this may not happen for me.


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