Home Equity Loan

How lessen home loan fees are strengthening the refinance market place

CNBC’s Diana Olick experiences on the newest home loan application details.


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  1. Why doesn't this dunce understand that rates could drop to 0% and mansion sales would still be soft thanks to the new SALT and $700,000 mortgage deduction?
    What happens if the dem clowns manage to repeal these new fed limits and allow the next real estate bubble to develop?
    How many people don't understand is how the dem enabled bankers have been restarting the synthetic CDO's that crashed the economy a decade ago?
    Why is easier for them to collect $1 million on a leveraged $100,000 home than fight the fed tax laws?
    Are you willing to bail out these banksters again?
    Will you ask your congressman to explain how this works?


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