Mortgage Loan

Dave Ramsey was Erroneous about acquiring a 15 calendar year Home loan: Right here are the quantities

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  1. I think they missed the part where you're supposed to put in 15% of your income towards retirement investments while you try to pay off your home within 7 years, 15 being the maximum to keep a fire lit under you.

    All the while 3-6 months if expenses are tucked under you to handle any problems life throws your way.

    I still don't see the logical flaw of getting rid of debt ASAP. Builds a good habit of not buying what you can't afford going forward.

  2. In your example, are you assuming that it’s the same house we’re mortgaging? How bout if one chooses a 15 year, you sacrifice and choose a smaller house?

  3. The love of money is the root of all evil. Not money.


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