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Really should I Refinance as Premiums have Fallen – Subscriber Query

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  1. What are you thought about using a HELOC? If I used a HELOC on property A to fund repairs/upgrades on property B?

  2. Where do you look for refi money? A big bank like Chase? A local credit union?

  3. Michael
    Love the video! You are 💯 right!
    This probably going to be the best time for refinancing but for investors it is not always the best option due to the time it takes to recoup the closing costs.

    Having said all that, for everyone, I would highly recommend reviewing their current (live in) property. I have read that there are 6.8 million home owners in the United States that would "win" with a mortgage refinance in the current market climate. Working in banking, I am currently finding 2 to 3 clients weekly where this is a fantastic solution for them. I have been doing this for long enough now that I can ask four questions and know if it right for someone very quickly.

    Tim Harrow

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  5. Was I right that rates were gonna fall like I said? 🤔🤔🤔


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