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ALL ABOUT Mortgages! | Q&A With A Home finance loan Broker

All your concerns on mortgages answered by a house loan broker! We weigh in on some popular and not so popular concerns that you all check with and hopefully you all get some useful understanding from this!

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  2. How to fund home construction with land available already?

  3. Does being a mortgage broker (mb) include looking at a lot of numbers? It might sound dumb… but its an honest question. I am a stock market investor and for the most part its all about the numbers and management. As a MB do you mainly look at numbers all day and if so, what kind of numbers or is it just looking for a good lender for the borrower? I'm new to this stuff (: IF YOU CAN ANSWER I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!

  4. I think for future videos like this you should cut music and HPF (highpass filter) your video, I found it somewhat hard to listen to this clearly if I wasn't actually looking at the video. But otherwise this kind of content is a YES

  5. Rate all these useful content which has real value,I can't wait for the update on the Kenya project!!

  6. Finally you covering buy to let scheme I have been asking for ages 😂👌👍 good vid…. I am thinking of buying it through apart of a company.

  7. Hi man thanks for getting us the information, but one quick tip. You should try improving your listening skills. You rush way too much and interrupt the guest often. This comes across as if you already know and don't need him there, yet you're the one who invited him in the first place.

  8. Thank you for your messages and support on this video.

    Unfortunately time was of the essence and I only had the time I had with small window to reply to each question.

    I hope the below helps further with more specific around mortgage trends / news.

    Lets state the obvious… Property investing at the moment is very much rocky at the moment, we continue to here and read about this daily. We can either choose to sit on the fence or take action and move forward. As a mortgage broker I benefit from hearing and structuring bespoke finance for a variety of investment properties. I share with you some of the deals I continue to fund.

    I visit many auctions houses and find most of the auction rooms are full and there have an average of over 75% sold on the day or prior. Auctions give us investors the right intuition of the trends coming up.

    There are many deals to be had out there, however, those that continue to be successful, take there time, persevere, negotiate and carry out there due diligence before submitting there offer.

    Trends –

    Property investors are investing in commercial properties, why? Less regulation, yields are better, high streets are becoming depleted, look for those retail high streets units that could benefit from a coffee chain, or Greegs as they are growing in size. Commercial property with residential above also known as mixed use properties, these are great ways to diversify your investing strategy with often more higher yields and cash flow (rent received a quarter in advance) for example.

    Landlords are diversifying and investing in more yielding assets such as student accommodation, HMO, serviced accommodation, refurbishment projects, holiday lets.
    Are you thinking outside the box? There are many lenders that assist in funding all these types of accommodations.

    Office to residential is a good strategy as you can amend the licence under permitted developments and re configure the layout within.

    Don't invest necessarily in your local area, use rightmove, zoopla and UK Finance to find out what is trending. For example: whats towns are being regenerated, where are the hot transport links, where is the government investing in the next 10 years, all the information and much more is widely available if you seek for it.

    We are living in an ever ageing population, perhaps, care homes and assisted living accommodation is a good investment vehicle.

    For the developers –

    Only c15% of the UK is built on for residential use, this clearly shows that we have 100's acres of potential land that we could apply for pre planning and build on. Currently the UK is c400,000 home short from developing per annum, our main task is source the land, do the maths, apply for planning, engage with developers and build properties.

    HMO are still a great source of income, but with ever growing regulation in this space is becoming less attractive. However, like all property investing, you must look at the numbers, does the deal wash its own face? Have you factored in a 20% void period, have you factored in professional costs running a HMO and is your HMO property above industry standard?

    Lenders / Banks – There are now 40 odd buy to let lender in the UK. Over 15000 products on the market and the number of BTL lenders in the LTD company space has grown to 20 +. This alone shows that BTL is not dead but just going through transition. It's not necessary the rate that should be important to investors, its the terms, the ERC periods and total cost of loan over the period.

    I am independent mortgage broker and have access and experience with dealing with most of the lenders in the UK. I use this channel to help, support and guide any potential clients in the future. I am an investor and continue to do so and understand the pitfalls and advantages of investing in property since 2005.

    These videos and answers have to cater for the masses. If you wish for me to talk BIP's, Yields, ROI, ROE, Capital Growth, Section 24 and/or anything else, please let me know as I would be happy to talk more on a technical basis.

    KIS – Keep It Simple

    I enjoy what I do, I take my job very seriously and want to help my clients the best way I can.

    For a no obligation chat you are welcome to call me on 0203 971 1234.


    Akhil Mair

    Our Mortgage Broker Ltd

  9. More informative videos like this please. It would be helpful to learn more about refinancing to build a portfolio of properties.

  10. Yes people gets confused with brokers and direct lenders

  11. Bro this video wasn’t even useful – it seems so rushed and so much generic talk that isn’t even relevant

    Eg q: is it a good time to buy in the UK
    A: ‘well everyday is different but you can find some good deals’ – huh? You can say this about any corner of the world. Why didn’t he or you give a macroeconomic view of it? Or at least an explanation of where the good deals lie eg family homes, student etc

    Also, q: what types of mortgages are there
    A: the talks about one other. Not even talks about it, he only gives a brief definition then goes into his regular bs of ‘depends on the scenario’ blah blah blah

    Only a few half decent answers in the video. The rest was generic talk that you can find anywhere

  12. If you need any property accounting advice – check out AC Partners LLP:

  13. I love this video!
    I'm a mortgage broker myself (in Canada) and love to help the clients obtain the best financing possible. It's not always about rate!
    Great to see Anish show another side of the property development/investment.

  14. Google mortgage was great to give visibility on best rate but it closed – and in the end agent were influenced by commission. Agents can’t really get special rates only access to rates offered to agents

  15. Another Subscriber, great channel and content!

  16. Anishvin dude how on earth do I get in touch with you.

  17. Useful vid

  18. Any comment on Help to Buy Scheme, looking at any limitations

  19. Yesssssss thank you for bringing back these information type videos

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