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Nations Lending Company NMLS #32416 Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System

People wishing to file a criticism versus a business or a household mortgage bank loan originator ought to entire and mail a criticism kind to the Texas Office of Discounts and Mortgage Lending, 2601 North Lamar, Suite 201, Austin, Texas 78705. Complaint forms and guidelines may perhaps be obtained from the Department’s web page at A toll-no cost consumer hotline is available at 1-877-276-5550. The department maintains a recovery fund to make payments of particular true out of pocket damages sustained by debtors induced by acts of accredited mortgage banker household mortgage bank loan originators. A penned application for reimbursement from the recovery fund will have to be filed with and investigated by the department prior to the payment of a claim. For much more information about the recovery fund, make sure you check with the department’s web page at

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