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Financial loans that brought down housing market place making a comeback, gurus alert

It is really the return of loans that brought about the housing market place to crash. Some housing gurus are warning subprime mortgages have manufactured a comeback below a various name. But other housing gurus insist they are safer and valuable for Us residents with considerably less than stellar credit rating scores.



  1. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac aren't taking the risk? LOL They are buying mortgages from 620 FICO buyers with 3% down. FHA is providing mortgages of 3.5% down for buyers with 580 FICO scores and 10% down from buyers with 500 FICO scores.

    Mortgage rates have come down around 50% lower than they were leading up to the 2006 peak. This has made borrowing money extremely cheap. When borrowing is extremely cheap, prices rise to unsustainable extremes. Then when rates rise, buying at current prices becomes impossible. The next crisis is going to be more about loans going bad voluntarily. When people have to reduce their price to sell their house, the comps are going to drive down the values of those who bought previously with the low interest rates. When people only put 3% down and they see that their house is worth 30K-50K less than their mortgage, they will have no incentive to keep paying and just let it default; which will exasperate the housing crash.

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  3. I thought the narrator said the Prick that burst the housing bubble

  4. If you don’t have good credit then why the fuck are you trying to buy a house?


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