View this before you REFINANCE your home loan/Planet House Lending/House loan CORRUPTION


View this before you REFINANCE your home loan/Planet House Lending/House loan CORRUPTION

You should be conscious, browse this before you refinance your home loan. I grew to become a target of predatory lending, I would like this upon no just one. Right before you refinance, or progress with any Actual ESTATE TRANSACTION, You should Keep AN Legal professional. Qualified Actual ESTATE Attorneys, ARE Capable Evaluation Paperwork, before and right after closing. House loan firms do ROBO-Signal, terms and conditions, not offered to you. Types you’ve got hardly ever noticed or signed.

In my situation, a decreased desire level/payment have been offered to me. A offer at the time, also good to pass. A offer that afterwards turned out to be inauthentic. Some householders are acquainted with this scam.on the other hand, lots of householders/possible householders may well not me conscious of scam as ROBO-SIGNING. To be on the harmless side, remember to hire a Qualified Actual ESTATE Legal professional, to information you through all home loan processing.

I urge you, to view my video, and browse my pinned remark in their entirety, to grow to be an educated Actual ESTATE buyer.+



  1. My name is Lisa Wright. a few years ago, I refinanced, due to the fact I was promised a lower rate and lower payment. After closing, a package with closing documents were mailed to me, different from ones I signed at closing. 3500.00 monthly with a APR of 19 percent. Adjustable mortgage. I contacted the mortgage company, Tribeca Lending/ Franklin Credit located in NYC, and was told there's nothing they could do to change new payments.

    Seeking help initially, I got scammed. No different from Tribeca Lending. I responded to an ad, promising to cure foreclosure cases, turned out to be exploitation of foreclosure victims. Subsequently, I suspected something was wrong, I reached out to the " HOPE" hotline who referred me to housing agencies in my neighborhood. Housing counselors who reviewed my documents, detected I was a victim of predatory lending. All housing establishments including NY Banking department reviewed closing and foreclosure documents, reconfirmed I am in fact a victim of predatory lending.

    In Supreme Court I was advised to hire an attorney. All law offices I contacted with my case, quoted no less than 4,000 dollars retainment fee. With each appearance in court between 1,000-1500 dollars. I couldn't afford this.

    Year ago I put my house up for sale. Prospective buyers were interested in purchasing the property, however a tenant who had rented the first floor, refused to show the apartment. As a result, buyers interested in purchasing, changed their minds due to the fact they couldn't see that section of the house.

    With an income decline, tenants refused to pay, and continued to live on my property for a year without paying. Eviction didn't cure arrears they owed. In order for me to paid back rent, they owed, I would have to renew their leases. Instead chose the option of ending tenant agreement with them.

    A realtor introduced me to someone who helped people in foreclosure, for a fraction of the cost of legal fees..

    Motions were submitted, exhibiting Tribeca Lending/Franklin Credit had handed down to me, adjustable mortgage, one I didn't sign.

    Not before long my mortgage was repeatedly shuffled.

    During this process, simultaneously going through a divorce, while under the care of doctors, coping with loss of my mother, etc. didn't alleviate stress.
    Determined to remedy the issue at hand, I re-rented the first floor of my property. Again…the bank sent servicers to my property to post huge stickers, which read vacant, abandoned property. This attracted homeless people to my property. In addition, told tenants not to pay me rent. Threatened me on many occasions, by people hired by the bank, I live in fear until today.

    I'm perplexed how ****Tribeca Lending**** and all other entities associated with this case, were given authority to shuffle/balloon my mortgage, though others have come forward; reporting they have experienced the identical predicament. As evident published on

    *******TRIBECA LENDING, WELLS FARGO, RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE, and PLANET HOME LENDING. ******Refused to work with me. Demanding huge sums of money and high monthly payments, to remedy the situation. I filed bankruptcy, managed to retained a Lawyer for 3600 dollars.

    My house was sold to a private investor… By HENOCK/ PETERSON/PEDDY/FENCHEL law firm/ and servicer PLANET HOME LENDING.

    Today, I am waiting for the Sheriff to show up, at any minute. My baby and I will move into a Shelter.

    The American dream shattered. A LITTLE BLACK CHILD'S FUTURE DIMMED.

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