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US Housing Markets Are Beginning To Fall! – Home loan Premiums Are Jumping!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the ongoing propping up of US housing bubbles across the board as property finance loan costs strike a four thirty day period substantial.
We have noticed the return of the collateralized personal debt obligations of the earlier, not to point out credit default swaps, property finance loan backed securities, reverse home loans, subprime lending, and we are viewing it arrive at its inevitable peak as we noticed in 2007 and 2008.
The 30 calendar year fixed rate property finance loan was up 5 basis factors in the week of September 20th to four.65%. Which is the fourth weekly gain.
The fifteen calendar year fixed rate property finance loan averaged four.11% which was also up 5 basis factors.
The 5 calendar year treasury indexed hybrid adjustable rate property finance loan averaged three.ninety two% down from three.ninety three%.
These costs surface to be trending together the exact same line as the treasury yield which we’ve noticed in hazard of reverting in the earlier couple of months. Crew this all with current industry situations and this is very regarding.
We need to bear in mind in the nineteen eighties, costs skyrocketed far extra, but we failed to see these a wide mixture of personal debt and funds getting thrown into anything. A multi-quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble. A enormous pension bubble established to strike four hundred trillion pounds by the calendar year 2050. A enormous automobile bubble. A enormous inventory industry bubble held up by speculation and trader assurance with out true basic price. Tie this with each other with the out of command central preparing of the monetary procedure and you’ve got got one particular of the largest crashes the world has ever noticed on the way, consistently propped up after 2008. A continuation of what we got a glimpse at earlier.
The crash is inevitable, but the time of the crash is solely unpredictable. We are not able to put a date on it, but we know individuals need to put together them selves and do what they can to protect their acquiring power.
Decentralize your lives and be unbiased absolutely free individuals.

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Online video edited by Josh Sigurdson

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Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

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  2. stop scaring the people…the feds can just keeping raising rates..when the people cannot pay, the feds can come to the rescue and buying up all the real estate. the printing press can print print print. colored paper for real property….what a deal!!!

  3. Thank you 👍

  4. Australian homes can drop easily 80%.The nerve of the Okker has never been tested…These crooked bankster demons are going in boots n all.

    I say we tell these banker crooks in every nations case go and rock on a rainbow with your criminal debts: yes call them out into the sunshine!All nations then issuing thier own fiat currency can then easily reinstate all stolen and lost provable real savings to each citizen.The stinking bankers will then be impotent dead men walking onto our gallows.
    I am sure we would have no problems with heavenly approval of all this.

  5. Sp500 is making an ending 5th wave diagonal. It's a massive bear flag.its time to be selling stocks, not buying.people are going to get burned with all these youtube commercials telling the average person it's time to get into stocks because it's at an all time high.its ABSURD!!!

  6. Hi Josh, Thank you for your informative videos
    can you please turn on subtitles for all of your videos
    I know most of them are on

  7. Do you guys recommend investing in stocks rn? I’m 18 and I was thinking about investing some in stocks and bonds

  8. Sorry for you

  9. The man on TV tells me trump gone fix this sh-t very quickly.

  10. It should burst nowwwwwwwwwww

  11. Don't buy Bankster coins! LOL.

  12. John Is Up 8 Pounds.

  13. Great shirt John–very neat and classy.

  14. Lol you are hoping to create a slowdown but we are still smoking hot in northEast California sucks sorry just saying over priced

  15. FYI, Kurt Browning, the iconic Canadian figure skater is the a spokesperson for HomeEquity Bank and CHIP Reverse Mortgages @

  16. Weve become a nation of investors, speculators, carpetbaggers feeding like magots on a dead body.

  17. Car market, Educational market and second mortgage market. We have a everything Market bubbles…….

  18. Sell everything and buy gold. Seriously! Siathtf

  19. Excellent info the evry thing bubble got my fingers in my ere's just waiting for the lot to blow up peace peeps 🤤

  20. It is halarious how the CIA sources its information to the left media to downplay the terrible signals coming our way. DOWNPLAY DOWN PLAY DOWNPLAY!!!!! NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG, SUCKERS!

  21. I'm seeing, and hearing on the radio, lots of advertisements for home equity loans again, like we saw prior to 2008. Sad! The housing prices in my area (between Denver an Ft. Collins, CO) still going up (for now), which is keeping apartment rents high. There's still a boom in construction, with lots of "new" people moving into the area. Not sure where they are coming from.
    But, they are willing to pay these prices, which are double what they were 6 years ago. CRAZY!

  22. Why don't you say which cryptos are good and legit?

  23. That face filter you guys are running is pretty creepy 😀 It's like… Where's Johns eyebrows.. oh there they are, annnndd they're gone again.

  24. Bitcoin is worth zero

  25. Our 30yr and 10 year bonds/notes are higher than ecb and japans central bank…..why not borrow EU and buy treasuries, pocket the interest rate difference?

  26. You guys will hit 500k subs…. your brilliant

  27. Part of this is seasonal though. Interest rates are at 5 month highs and demand tends to fall off after the summer months. We'll know when we see next summer and what traffic looks like. Here in DFW the market is still red hot and interest rates are pushing affordability or lack there of out of most first time home buyers price range. Sellers are still getting multiple offers here first week. No signs of slowing, people are still moving to this area in droves.

  28. Ah yes, Tom Selleck the actor. Whose "value" to society is making millions of dollars pretending to be someone else.
    Here in the Seattle area where we rent, our "wine and cheese" neighbor was walking her dog (with a glass of red wine) and told us "prices will never go down here in Seattle, they are not making new land". Then she laughed, had a gulp of wine, and her dog pooped. We had to remind her to scoop the poop. Oopsie poopsie. Seattle is full of liberal nut jobs. I want the crash to hit these la la la posers hard!!!!

  29. SF Bay Area – The most six-figure jobs! Get a little more dynamic here!

  30. Cool! Can't wait to buy in the 10-15 year dips!

  31. You guys are smart and you know how bad it'll get when the world market crashes. You know crypto isn't a 100% secure currency because it itself is hinged on the stock market and backed by the dollar…Are you guys peppers? Do you keep food storage and survival equipment?

    Okay I seen the end of your video and I'm guessing you are peppers.👍

  32. Coooooool. Real estate going on sale soon!

  33. 😒 Duh! of course mortgage rates are going up, the feds said they r going to try to raise and raise their rates, they dont care if it hurts people 😒🏘🏘🏘


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