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Other Techniques To Make Cash In Authentic Estate – Getting A Mortgage Officer

Another cruise in the Tesla to demonstrate a diverse way to make revenue in authentic estate: turning into a bank loan officer. Considered this would be a excellent video for some of you hunting to enter the authentic estate video game in a diverse way you may not be informed of. Its not as glamorous but it has the similar dimensions commission checks and less complicated to make sales opportunities. By turning into a bank loan officer and doing work the home loan aspect you can continue to make one-2% of each authentic estate transaction with out working with purchasers, listing houses or helping purchaser. Its rather surprising to most folks simply because it is usually an business ignored when it will come to authentic estate. If you have any questions or want suggestions on having into it permit me know and I’ll put you in contact with Josh and he will gladly enable out!

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  1. @kevinConley You can do both, as long as you broker is licensed for both. Ask CA Dept of RE

  2. you cannot do Real Estate and the Loan at the same time. Against the Rules guys. You either do the Loan or the Real Estate. you cannot do both. Did you not learn that in Mortgage Class? You can have a license to do both you just cannot do both your self and get paid on both. You will land in jail. CFPB Rules. And your Dad was right not to pay you for your loans because he to would have landed in jail.

  3. How can I become a loan officer in real estate please help

  4. Great video bring out more !!

  5. Good video bro


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