Paying Off Pupil Bank loan Financial debt with a Median Cash flow and Two Little ones in Northern California | BP Dollars 37

Kyle Renke graduated from higher education and hopped right on the American desire bandwagon. He commenced off with a starter residence, added a pair of young children and moved onto a greater, far better house—one that he could hardly afford to pay for.

He then went again to grad school, tacking on an additional $40k in college student loans. Kyle and his spouse used dollars remaining and right, never seeming to be able to get ahead. Last but not least, he received unwell and exhausted of being unwell and exhausted.

Kyle browse guides and related with mates in a far better fiscal position. He sold the significant residence, threw everything at the college student loans, and rented a smaller sized, A great deal a lot less highly-priced put.

Kyle’s tale reveals that you CAN make significant fiscal issues, improve your training course, and function towards fiscal freedom—even with kids.

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  1. Hey Kyle, awesome episode. One thing that really stood out to me, was when you said that you want your kids to fail fast and fail hard. Super powerful, and I totally agree. Checked out your website too, lots of good resources there as well.

  2. Kind of feel like the title is misleading. I don't think that two people making $100k each is "median" income.

  3. How do you get featured on this show? I think I’m a perfect candidate

  4. 1) Extreme ownership
    2) Rich dad poor dad
    3) Richest man in Babylon / Dave Ramsey total money makeover
    4) gates of fire

    I know that 2 of the books are not money books but I am a firm believer that other subjects can apply to the other aspects of life to strongly include the finance realm.

  5. Thumbs Up If Your Favorite Personal Finance Book Is Rich Dad Poor Dad!


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