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Mortgage Firms Use Their Very own Private Insurance to Spend Your Household Mortgage! An additional Rip-off!

Besides generating income out of slim air, home finance loan firms and financial institutions use their personal issued personal coverage to fork out your property loan when you do not fork out. What?

Down load this book right now if you happen to be obtaining issues with your home finance loan and/or foreclosure! It is vital to know how a home finance loan performs and what your solutions are.

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  1. The birth certificate is being used by the fed, states and all these other corporations as a Public Charitable Trust at the treasury and the Fed Banks. They have no liability or losses because they are a so-called employer and we the people are so-called employees/children/retarded ameriicans. This is all facts, Social Security POMS Manual specifically says the ssn is for individuals with special needs. The problem is people Social Security is in Switzerland, not the U.S. The Birth Certificate organization is a reverse trust to only benefit the public, not the private people. Let's dump these criminals on their asses, resignations/revocations/dissolution all around. Register an LLC, Foundation, or Trust in a name you choose. EIN for banking and oh yes we are all non-profit.

  2. There is no 'money'. The 'money' is the signature of the maker on the note!
    The MORTGAGE or Deed of Trust is our gift placed on 'General Deposit' at the local depository, i.e. county Recorder of Deeds, county Register of Deeds, county Land Recording Office. The same place the IRS records Their 'NOTICE OF LIEN'

    Record/Register/Registrar/Land Recording Office = depository

    That's the reason for local property taxes on your INVESTMENT PROPERTY………

  3. Same 'ol song and dance. The middleman sucks up all the gravy with NO 'skin in the game'.

  4. It's really TRUSTEE INSURANCE that the homeowner purchases to indemnify the trustee.

  5. The loan contract was 'modified' at closing and converted to a Security Note (negotiable instrument to a security); and thus, the maker of the note into an Investor of Securities.

  6. Hi April!

  7. The loan contract was 'MODI

  8. Day 91 it is discharged! Then they sell the distressed debt to a third party debt collector!

  9. Nope. The insurance is on the secutity note!

  10. Your mortgage link is hijacked. I did get the download though, just strange.


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