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Is America Drowning in Credit Card Financial debt? (WalletHub Review)

Not too long ago WalletHub unveiled it is most new analyze on credit rating card credit card debt in America – and it would not paint a pretty picture.

In this episode, I explore WalletHub’s results, including how a great deal credit rating card credit card debt the common American has, what kind of money owed they use their credit rating cards for, and strategies you can stay clear of credit rating card credit card debt and get credit card debt totally free.

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  1. Hi there. I just wanted to add my quick comment. I feel and have felt that we American working class have for the many ? Have been working with not enough income to meet some living expenses etc. Now I also understand there yes have been others who foolishly spent money on things not really needed to for them….but I feel those as you say who live pay check to pay check ? Are in some , not all but some cases not making enough to live by. And now days with the ever so incredible shrinking dollar worth as we see in costs on goods going up and let's look at the real issues . Weak job's growth not what the Corp. Media tries to show ….i will say there are job's out there? But the days of yours and my Grandparents days of the 40 hour work week with benefits affordable, then housing and rent costs rising…it is very difficult by many views out there to live. I feel with weak manufacturing jobs and retail big box stores closing and student loans debts rising cause there aren't that many real job's out there….please allow me to direct you to some YouTube channels that have studies and research info to support their findings on economics of our country. One is the X22 reports with host Dave…he also features many great economic guests on his X22 Spotlight reports. Then there's the Uncut silver report channel which is in my view also very good at the truth of what is really going on out there. In close? With really so much negative effects by the domestic and international economy ?? It's in my view hard to see how there hasn't been even more business for you or Attorneys in the Bankruptcy field…but ?? I feel as I'm sure there are more than not ? That your field of practice will become even busier. Thanks and good night.


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