Is Tesla Design three the Safest Car You Can Get? First Rollover Incident Facts [reside]

We’ve acquired aspects from the initial roll-more than incident in a Tesla Design three. Let’s converse about it on the exhibit nowadays – Get invited to these discussions at

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// Design three Roll More than Incident Demonstrates Remarkable Basic safety

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She was traveling on the freeway at approximately 70mph in the still left lane. The auto collided with a second car in the center lane. The front driver facet of the Design three then strike the cement median with ample pressure to shear the front wheel off. Then the slide sideways and started off rolling. A witness reported the auto rolled “various instances” ahead of ultimately settling upside down. The other auto also strike the median, although a lot less violently, and we consider the driver was unhurt.

I considered the auto performed spectacularly from a protection standpoint. The driver seat airbags secured her through the roll such as one beneath the steering wheel for her legs which I did not even know was there. As you can see from the pics the cabin was absolutely intact. The windshield and glass roof obviously shattered but they did not intrude into the cabin at all.

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// Tesla China Plant

* Elon in Shanghai for function Tuesday
* Tarrifs just kicked in creating rates to increase in China
* 500K Vehicles For every Calendar year at new plant

Elon Musk sealed a very important agreement Tuesday to commence constructing its second auto assembly plant in the environment. Development will start off soon immediately after approvals and permits are secured, and the initial automobiles will roll off the line in just roughly two yrs, a Tesla spokesman reported in an email. It’ll choose one more two to three yrs for the factory to attain its potential to develop about 500,000 automobiles every year.

* Let’s see how this could impact manufacturing in the long run –

// Q&A with Elon on Bloomerg

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* I was incorrect, but the application does seem possible to improve all over again
* Recall that tax credit score finishes this year so make certain to get your Tesla soon!



  1. Your curve for M3 is greater then the curve for China? Are you saying the Chinese will not be able to beat M3 production from the smaller Freemont factory?

  2. That sucks after paying 1k for a spot getting the car, then crashing it

  3. Roolover probably caused by killer ai autopilot

  4. So you cherry pick the one accident where something good can be said about tesla performance…went full cuckboy today

  5. What's with the 2 minute intro. If someone says "Give us a break" I don't think this is what is meant. So give a break from the long intros

  6. Alternative way Musk could deal with haters on social media: Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams is a freedom-loving libertarian, so big-govt. leftists call him "Nazi" often. He says as soon as they make any insult, before they can call you a Nazi, he writes: "I don't argue with Nazis" and ban them right away. No arguments. "They lose by being called a Nazi first." His hate messages dropped 75% and "it feels good emotionally to hit back first, with their biggest insult." It works!

  7. I believe the unused portion can be applied to the next year tax liability. That’s how my tax credit worked when I bought my 6K+ lbs truck back in 05.

  8. Because of the trade tax. I think the China Tesla plant will only be for China and Asia markets. Tesla will Continue to make cars at Fremont, ca and they can add capacity at the NV Gigafactory.

  9. A new tax bill introduced by a Vermont senator will eliminate the production cap on EV , will extend the tax credit for 10 years, and will make the tax brake INSTANT at point of sale.

  10. Cmon man enough off succup to Musk, its not cool man

  11. I wanted to disagree with your advice about Elon's comments on Twitter. I think it is not a big deal, and all he is doing is starting a discussions about things. People can change their minds, and if one criticizes, it's great for those who are being criticized. Because if they believe that the criticism is false then they have a chance to educate. Discussion is always useful. Holding fixed beliefs, and NOT engaging in discussion is the worst. If you are capable of having a progressive discussion then you should not be afraid of criticism. The discussion is good, and people will eventually learn something about the truth.

  12. Is the center monitor still "ON" and working in those photos??!! wow…

  13. People don't just die in 70mph rolls that don't end against an immovable object. The energy is dissipated gradually. Impact barely different from being tipped over stationary by a few strongmen.
    The car looks in a good state for having rolled a few times, but you're overstating it's relative safety. Buy any German $50K car and it will perform great as well.

    Now if there were a report of how high the car went before coming back down, I'd be impressed.

  14. In Ontario Canada we have a coverage when buying a brand new car it cost $250.00 as one time fee offered by most of the insurance companies that will cover your invoice priced value for 5 years.

    So if you buy $50000.00 car and within the 1st 5 years you total the car or if your car gets written off they'll cut you a cheque for $50000.00 minus your deductible if it's at fault claim.

    I always recommend to buy the extra ( brand new vehicle insurance ) it only $200- to $300 maximum.

  15. hey Ben, great livestream, could you post the "Dear Elon Musk" on a separate video? I would like for people to try and bring that to him because that is exacly how I feel

  16. Easy to repair 😉

  17. This is wild. It makes you feel better about owning a tesla.

  18. is this the hate thai cave hero channel ?

  19. I've heard she's the first person in history that managed to get minor injuries while crashing with 70mph


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