Chase&#039s Demand Letters Funds Marketplaces Update Zillow is Doing What?

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There is normally anything new in the legal arena, proper? Under is information that JPMorgan Chase is pursuing therapies. Is it “legal” for Zillow to contend with serious estate brokers, or private buyers, or to out-bid men and women or families in buying a residence? My guess is “yes,” and they have plenty of legal professionals to make guaranteed – and be a part of Blackstone and other people in buying up solitary family houses. (Additional beneath on this Chase and Zillow information.) Authorized Updates Bear in mind the situation of the monkey selfie? Even even though all the get-togethers settled final September, the court docket has refused to dismiss the situation . (Really worth clicking on just to see the darned monkey.) Ignore all that things about court docket backlogs… In a additional severe matter, Phil Stein, and attorney with Miami’s Bilzin Sumberg Baena…(go through additional)

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