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How about this note I received from the owner of a non-financial institution lender in the Northeast. “Rob, in your conversations with CEOs, is everyone conversing about slicing LO comp stages? It seems that some of my LOs hope company to take up all the margin compression. Some have even argued for pricing that would lead to a decline for company. I am not in this organization to run a non-gain or put up with a decline just so the LO can make income. Is ‘sharing the pain’ a dialogue subject?” Of course, it is. But it’s hard to recruit when performing that. No one would like to be the very first. And LOs argue that they “share the pain” because of to not finding the deal, and inflexible comp designs brought about by badly-published rules. Organization Information It isn’t the very first and will not be the past. FGMC…(study a lot more)

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