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How to Cold Call for Sales | Video Series / Video One

How to Cold Call for Sales | Video Series / Video One

How to Cold Call – Mortgage Loan Officer Sales Training on how to create an efficient Outbound Sales System to consistently feed your Pipeline with qualified and loyal leads.

As of late, the need for a solid Outbound ‘game plan’ is a must.
I get requests from my awesome audience all the time focused on what to say and how to hunt these types of leads, and by these types of leads meaning “cold calling” leads that are not in the market and have not expressed any interests in applying for what you’re selling.
IN THIS VIDEO, I share with you why it goes beyond just scripting and lead type, it comes down to an organized and planned system.
Meaning, you can learn the best scripting for an outbound dial, but that is just to get the interest sparked and you can learn how to overcome a particular objection but what good does it do if that lead doesn’t even qualify for what you ‘hope’ to sell them?
So obviously there is more to this Outbound Sales Origination game than meets the eye.
There are underlying ‘pillars’ that the principles of outbound sales stands on and IN THIS VIDEO SERIES, I share with you what these pillars are.
These pillars consist of Mindset, Timing, Positioning, Empathy, Time Management and so on but in this VIDEO SERIES I’ll outline only the most important to have so you can put this system in motion today!
You may already have your system and after hearing mine, you’ll find there may be certain areas in your system that are either missing this particular pillar or you may just need to build your existing pillar up to a stronger level.
Either way, you’ll agree that anything successful in life has behind it an effective System.
I am going to share with you what this system looks like!
My hope is to help you figure out your own system to systematically create traffic from Outbound efforts and where to guide this traffic.
I want to share with you what pillars you need to have in place to properly establish an effective Outbound Origination System.
It all starts with a plan and with that plan there are certain key areas that I’ll outline in THIS VIDEO, but for now check out VIDEO ONE for the system ideology and VIDEO TWO for a few pillars that you need to have in place BEFORE you even begin this Outbound Sales game!





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Daniel Nicart is the founder and content creator for SalesRemastered, a brand channel established for Mortgage Loan Officers and anyone interested in learning the Science of Selling.

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Daniel teaches you the mindset needed to stay motivated, stay focused and adapt to a higher level of communication with Sales Leads.

In a rugged sport like Sales, it takes a certain Mindset, Work Ethic and Strategy to become a Top Producer and it takes continuous mentoring in order to consistently stay a Top Producer.

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