Mortgage Rates Avoid Setting Another High

Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

After moving back up to the highest levels in more than 4 years yesterday, mortgage rates fell slightly today. Pessimists/realists would rightfully point out that today’s rates are still pretty close to those 4-year highs, and that one measly day isn’t much of a foundation for hope. Optimists could counter that yesterday’s high rates merely MATCHED the recent highs from last week and that the past 2 weeks overall have seen the most sideways stability in 2018. Long story short, rates are high relative to anything seen since early 2014, but there also continues to be a chance that they’ll try to avoid going much higher in the short term. NOTE : a “chance” means strictly that. We’re not talking about probabilities here. The average lender continues quoting conventional 30yr fixed rates of 4.5…(read more)

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