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Mobilize youth worldwide to take on world problems. Dare to be Great!

Interact Video Competition 2017

Past Rotary President Sir Clem Renouf described Rotary as an organization that provides people with extraordinary opportunities to do more with their lives than they ever dreamed possible.

Rotary Youth for a Better World is an organization of young Rotarians (Rotaractors and Interactors) around the world committed to create such opportunities for young people everywhere. This will not only result in great humanitarian impact but will also build a worldwide cadre of skilled and confident global problem solvers who will develop themselves into extraordinary world leaders and at the same time contribute significantly to a positive public image for Rotary worldwide.

It will also provide many opportunities for Rotarians to serve as mentors to these exceptional young people.

Finally, Rotary Youth for a Better World seeks to build partnerships and alliances with humanitarian organizations, truly passionate philanthropists and anyone who’s passionate about bettering the world and believes young people can truly change the world in major ways.

Join us! Do more with your life than you ever dreamed possible! Dare to be Great!


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