Student Loan Advice | Why Navient Sucks

Explaining which student loan servicer you should choose and help on deciding to get federal or private loans. Also Navient and SallieMae suck a lot.



  1. Are just don't take student loans smh

  2. If you're really in trouble with private student loans and are struggling then you can try working with a debt settlement company to work on reducing the actual balance owed and setting up payments without interest. They mainly handle credit card debt but can do Private student loans too.

  3. I "owe" $5000 to Navient. They never actually sent me the money and now they are demanding me to pay them. They are nothing but criminals. I haven't paid them a dime, but I'm scared because I know that I'm fucking up my credit. They never sent me the money! Fuck Navient!


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