Mortgage Calculator

Excel 2016 Project twenty Q 03 04 05

three. In the Home finance loan Calculator worksheet, calculate the regular payments essential to repay financial loans of distinctive amounts, which are mentioned in the vary A9:A24. The yearly interest amount and length of the financial loan in decades are presented in the vary B5:C6 for fifteen-year and 30-year fastened financial loans.
4. The formulation used to calculate the regular payments are displaying mistake values. Kyle is positive that the benefit in mobile B9 is right, but one thing happened when the formula was copied to the vary B9:C24. Make the necessary variations so that the formula outcomes are demonstrated alternatively of the mistake values.
5. The line chart that displays the regular payments for the fifteen-year and 30-year fastened amount financial loans is exhibiting the financial loan amounts plotted as a third facts series somewhat than as group values. Come across the trouble and fix it.


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