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Determined Seller’s Using Wrap Home loans and Creative Financing

Determined Seller’s Using Wrap Home loans and Creative Financing. How to use wrap mortgages in 2017 for more bargains that other traders have to move on. Likely forward in 2017 via 2020 we will continue on to most most likely see a expanding seller’s sector which means a large quantity of new wholesalers and rehabbers coming into the sector trying to catch their share of the gold hurry.

They will only know how to make lowball offer’s leaving a large quantity of imaginative funding kinds of bargains for investor’s that understand how to composition these kinds of bargains.

In this movie we communicate about wrap mortgages, imaginative funding, and how to use curiosity charges to improve revenue for imaginative serious estate traders.

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  1. Hey Conner I was curious, if you do a wrap mortgage, how do you handle the insurance if the PITI on the existing mortgage stays in place? you cant cancel the insurance on the previous mortgage, can you? so what do you do about it…

  2. Cool.

  3. Hey Conner I'm not trying to tell what to do, I'm just giving you an idea. I would appreciate if you could make a video on "How to wholesale seller financing deals". I would love if you could go into detail on all the types of " Seller Financing" deals out there and how to capitalize on them.


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