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Tax Reform and How it Affects True Estate and Home loans – MRES

Ron Henderson President/Broker of Multi True Estate Services and Gov’t Affairs Chair for the California Association of Mortgage loan Industry experts provides an overview of the proposed tax reform HR1 and how it has an effect on true estate and home loans.

If you are in the Los Angeles space, have any questions or true estate revenue or financing desires, come to feel no cost in making contact with me.

Ron Henderson GRI, RECS, CIAS
Multi True Estate Services, Inc.
Gov’t Affairs Chair – California Association of Mortgage loan Industry experts
BRE #00905793 NMLS #310358

Expert in the Art of True Estate Gross sales and Finance
True Estate marketplace, house loan charges, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Conejo Valley, Simi Valley, Woodland Hills, West Hills, Calabasas, Chatsworth



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  2. There's no reward for doing your research and providing a public good or service on a local economic level.

    This tax reform is great if you are a married couple with kids and work a boring 9-5 with no investments.
    Why couldn't he just leave deductions alone
    All they did was moved money from small business to low income and increase high income.

    Perhaps this pushes the low class to middle class?
    Oh well I'm 28 I have multiple things im trying at the same time

    Bitcoin & Ethereum ✅
    Real estate ✅
    9-5 ✅

    One of these gotta work out eventually lol.
    I have $50,000 in bitcoin 😂 and I only put in $3,000 year years ago 😎

    I bought 20 Ethereum at $85ea last year they're now worth $500 each

    I guess next I'll start picking up soda cans for nickels

  3. It's a give and take situation.

    You're pissing and moaning over what you and those in your industry may stand to loose as a person in the real estate sector of the economy. You fail to take into consideration that although what you've laid out in your video may be true, the fact that others outside the real estate business may now be able to actually even think about buying a house or "Real Property" now; even though some would consider their potential tax savings under this new tax setup (if passed as it's written) as a small one.

    Even the perceived notion that buying a house is now within the realm of possibility for many who under our existing tax laws could not, will most likely be enough to kick start a cycle of confidence in the housing market and the economy as a whole to alieve your concerns.

    I won't be holding my breath either way. Our government is so divided that they are more like sibling rivals than representatives of the people. Besides, I full expect the senate version of this tax mess to become so mangled as to make any of the good original intent to be completely negated.

  4. Thanks. Wow My refi cash out is going to be bad. Maybe I should cancel it.


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