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HOW TO Pay out OFF $87,000 OF Pupil Financial loan Financial debt

We paid off $87,000 of pupil loans in 27 months. It was not uncomplicated, but here is how we did it!

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  1. good job Merissa! also for making it work with marriage. did you need extra streams of income?

  2. Congrats! 🎉 ❌-Student Loans-❌😊

  3. Happily not with student debt and a good career prospect. but goddamn those taxes are a bitvh

  4. That is excellent! You two should be very proud of yourselves! Hearing stories like this is inspiring. I got a bug up my ass this past year over my student loans and truck loan. I went to a trade school for a 21 month program. I walked out with a job that pays really well. I also ended up being 32k in the hole. I spent the first 5 years accumulating tools. I have spent 50k on tools, all paid for. The only time I used financing was when there was a rebate involved and I had cash in hand. About 3 years into my career my 96 Oldsmobile just about had it. So I went and bought a certified used truck for 25k which I intend to keep on the road until 2032. I have decided that I want to have zero debts when I start a family, I don't want those kinds of stresses plaguing a household. So in July I started hammering on my student loans. So far I have paid off 7k. I intend to be done by early 2019.

  5. Great video! You are very inspiring! Thank you! ^_^

  6. got her via getrichslowly.org... congrats!! greetings from monterrey

  7. Great video, loved it!!! 🙂


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