Investing when you’re in personal debt | The do’s and don’ts

Ought to you commit when you’re continue to in personal debt? Is there these a matter as intelligent personal debt? Nicely here are my thoughts…

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  1. I have like less than 3 k in credit card debt I'm go to have a big tax season this yr. And that is what I'm going to use to pay off my debts until than im.still Going to still invest half of my paycheck

  2. I invest using robinhood while paying off my student loans. Its tough, but I make it barely work out somehow especially with a near minimum wage. Might as well get into the habit early on while the stocks are still lower cost now compared to after I finish paying my student loans. 🙂 Nice video!

  3. Hi mike, i have a question…which is better..renting out rooms at your rental property or airbnb?

  4. 100% agree I have plenty of money to pay off my car loan but at 1.65% interest rate it makes no sense to withdraw the money from my investments which are earning on average 7-10%.


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