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My $70,000 Credit card debt Breakdown | Principal and Fascination Payments

For the duration of this video clip I give a thorough breakdown of full debt sum, desire, and payoff day.

I contact on what I require to add to my financial loans each and every thirty day period to make certain I strike my objective of becoming debt totally free in twelve months.

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  1. I am very impressed with you improvement from video one to two, lol. The 'um' quotient was greatly improved. That said, congrats on your progress! (I started at your March video and came back to the beginning.)

  2. Thanks for sharing! You are doing great. I read that comment on your welcome video and it was not encouraging at all. Doing videos get some getting use to but you will improve dont worry. Just sharing your personal debt online is bold enough. You definitely have an aggressive pay off plan but Encouraging you to stay focused you can get it done!!


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