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Gift of Fairness Transactions | Home finance loan Mondays #90

916-529-7600 In this episode I chat about gift of fairness transactions. A gift of fairness transaction is when a relatives member is promoting their property to one more relatives member… #GiftOfEquity #FamilyTransaction #Gift #Sacramento #HomeBuyers #FirstTimeBuyers #2017 #HomeLoanProcess #HomePurchase #Homebuyer #LenderResource #Realtors #MortgageGuy #DirectLender


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  1. Hey, i'm currently purchasing a two family home from my father in law, home's appraised at $235,000 he wants $215,000 mortage broker drew up the agreement for 225k to cover the down payment and the closing, but my father-in-law said he could do it because he'd get killed on taxes, after doing some research i found that for a married couple the max gift you can give is $28,000 before being taxed am i wrong to assume that if my father-in-law gave us a $10,000 gift of equity that it would not be taxed since it falls under the $28,000?


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