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BFB 016: Obtaining Your Offer Funded – Suggestions Straight From The Revenue Resource!

George Flint shares his experience, information and information on the energy of collaboration and finding your jobs funded. Get sensible, fingers on information when it arrives to carrying out productive discounts and learn about the course of action of presenting your discounts for increased accomplishment.

Display NOTES

one:00 – Facts on George’s track record and what his target is in business.

two:fifty one – How Tom and George are embracing collaboration in jobs together and in their individual businesses.

three:38 – Aspects on how George’s organization will work with a private equity organization who delivers the funds to discounts.

five:36 – Facts on the course of action and factors George looks for when beginning to glance into discounts acquiring a verbal, “gut check” dialogue.

7:thirteen – The other side of George’s business wherever he will work with mortgage loan brokers as a wholesaler for funds at different ranges.

nine:00 – Matters he wishes borrowers or builders knew about the course of action of presenting discounts.

ten:21 – One of the most important roadblocks that George confronted when finding began in this business.

eleven:39 – What Tom has seen about George’s contributions to discounts that they’ve labored on together.

thirteen:ten – George’s eyesight for his organization in three-five years.

14:52 – Suggestions for builders and borrowers when it arrives to carrying out productive discounts.

sixteen:56 – Assets that George suggests: Good to Great by Jim Collins and The E-Fantasy by Michael Gerber.

17:30 – Some market information from George for on the lookout into and examining discounts.

19:01 – Getting in touch with George by means of goflint@triumph.funds

Assets and One-way links Pointed out:

Good to Great by Jim Collins

The E-Fantasy by Michael Gerber

Call George at goflint@triumph.funds

Call Tom at

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