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EP five: Latest Debt Position – Having to pay Off Debt

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I think it is essential to pay out off debt and function on investing at the same time! This is a little something I have shifted my aim to in the final three decades. I at the moment owe $44,000 on my student loans. Down from the $90,000 I owed just three decades in the past. I have compensated back $46,000 in direction of the theory and most likely far more if you involve the desire! I nonetheless make extra payments and appear for every single cash conserving option.

What I do not do is destroy myself and dwell like a slave to my debt — since that is not pretty finance! I dwell inside of cause, try to remember we are not promised tomorrow.

This is just one more technique to debt. Come to feel free of charge to variety your possess views on the subject matter.

Xx Kimberly



  1. Get a 401(K) if you can.

  2. You're smart and you just taught me something, thanks

  3. Completely agree about tax refunds. I'm not letting the government use my money interest free for a year. My goal is to keep as much $$$ as possible during the year & only pay a small amount come tax time.

  4. Good video and good balanced points. Just one problem, you don't "invest" in a car, at least not one that is meant to be used :).

  5. Finally! Been a while and it's people like you who have me motivated


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