Genuine Estate Investing – AirBNB? HELOC? OPM? WOW! – Q&A #eleven

Practically a full study course on Genuine Estate Investing. Kris usually takes a ton of issues from viewers, like how a lot lease do you demand, or if putting your house on AirBNB is a very good idea.

If you want to commit in true estate, this episode is a ought to enjoy. This is element eleven in a collection of Q&A movies, nevertheless this episode is fantastic on it really is own. Kris shares insights on subject areas he is by no means talked about in advance of on YouTube.

Watch and Enjoy!
Kris Krohn & Nate Woodbury

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Online video by Nate Woodbury (The Hero Maker)



  1. How do you find a partner?

  2. Have you ever bought a house that is brand new, so there is no room for negotiation, you pay what they ask, which means there is zero equity?

  3. shit ill give you money to partner with you damn!

  4. Hey Kris love your videos btw and I was wondering ..what if your family doesn’t make enough income or have enough credit to help you pay for a house?how exactly do you find people that are willing to help me out

  5. Is refinance and home equity line of credit the same?if not can you explain the difference

  6. Just double checking,you don’t need a real estate license to start real estate but it does help out when it comes to purchasing houses below the median right?

  7. Can you explain interest and refinance to me I’m still a little confused about it?

  8. How exactly do you manage to find these mentors and realtors, and brokers?

  9. I’m 16 and I just want to know ,can you buy a house under the median,put a down payment on it while renting it out?

  10. Limit less thanks for your response to my comment ….I have got another question what is the starting procedure to invest in a property …I m just 15 just learning from you 😀😀😀

  11. Thank you for answering my question!

  12. I like your editing and jump cuts in your videos. It keeps it entertaining and spices things up. Great advice!

  13. Mahnamajef 😂

  14. Can you show us ur cars? Pls

  15. Limit less your videos are awesome ….really help full..

    But m confused with the equity concept can you please comment below and explain I shall be very thankful

  16. I’m not a US citizens but i have 5000$ +
    , can I invest with you without me coming to the US (I am from Dubai and I study in college )

  17. Who wants to be in a future Q&A episode with me. Record your questions on your iPhone.


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