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John Russo, chief privateness officer, Equifax Canada on a greater way for loan providers to validate cash flow.

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  1. Nice try spinning it! Trying to make it look they are in it serve the people. This gives EQFAX access to our information which they now turn around and sell to their "partners" for a nice sum. What a bunch of crooks! The reporter should have pushed a little harder for answers.

  2. amature reporting and equifax has to much power to start. equifax is wrong half the time anyway. with eqiifax you're guity until proven innocent.

  3. smoke screen for the Chinese froading canadaians….

  4. Who cares about credit? Finance is about numbers on paper. Money is printed on paper. Supply, demand, credit, mortgages, etc., are nothing but theories on paper invented by people. Reality is people require a place to live. Humans require a den, a cave, a hearth for warmth, raise young, socialize, share love. People exist in the physical world. Economic theories exist on a different level. I think people must recognize that intellectual systems have limitations when applied in the physical world. These limitations may not have factored in the theories. Human beings' lives have to take the centre stage when systems fall short or are broken. The time for banks oppressing people's lives through mortgages and credit may be over. Systems have to benefit people or the systems are useless. Stop asking what people can 'afford'. All of this chatter and polarization due to wealth stratification prevents people from asking the right questions. What kind of home fits this human's lifestyle? How do we, as a community of humans, provide that form of housing? Is it sustainable? Is it eco friendly? Who brings the 🍺&🍻?

  5. That's an awful lot of private information for a corporation to have for sale about individuals!

  6. this is just a company trying to make money off a Market that makes too much money.

  7. Presenter can't speak normal English without e-e-e-e-um-um-um-um!!!!

  8. i lied about how much i make but i still pay my mortgage. i dont see the problem

  9. Will this database ever be used or accessed for marketing purposes?!

  10. Equifax database for our credit is wrong half the time to begin with


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