Why would you at any time say NO to a No cost VA Streamline Refinance Financial loan?

Way way too lots of Military property house owners or Veterans with VA financial loans have misconceptions on why they should really not look at a VA streamline refinance. If you were to really get a No cost VA streamline financial loan, why would you say no? This online video training will aid resolve some misconceptions you might have.

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  1. John Lain, WE NEVER require an appraisal for our VA IRRRLS or Streamlines.  You are correct that the VA lenders handbook has no need for an appraisal or any value determination for the VA streamline loan, however each lender can ask for one (known as a lender overlay).  I am not sure why you think this is a joke but we appreciate your comments.  

  2. Darrell, Who did you speak to over here? Sure there are certainly loans that carry costs and charges. Did you even watch the video? Id have to assume you were inquiring about the 2.75% 30 yr fixed rate which I remind you we are the only VA lender currently offering this rate. Sure it comes with additional costs. If you want the 3.25% rate then it won't only NOT cost you a thing, we will give you a credit for that rate. Feel free to email me directly at eric at low va rates dot com

  3. I just inquired as to Flagship's fees to VA Streamline. They want over $9000 in fees. My wife and I have an over 800 FICO and no other loans. These guys are a joke – don't waste your time.


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