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HELOCS Can Make You Abundant! (Why I Enjoy Dwelling Fairness Strains of Credit score)

President of VIP Monetary Education, Matthew Pillmore, follows up with the reasons why he loves HELOCs (Dwelling Fairness Strains of Credit score) and how you can leverage them as a Financial debt Weapon!

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  1. Do you ever see a heloc that is better than 20% equity? Like 10% or 5%?

  2. Cash out refinance loans can help you buy properties with cash

  3. You are a GEM brother man, love the videos. Until your mortgage i paid off and it is not considered an asset. A true asset is a investment that makes you money. If you are living in your home and not renting it, it is not a asset.

  4. "HELOC can be difficult to get for a non-owner occupied properties" difficult but not impossible, yes?

  5. Did you see that guy behind you filming you?!

  6. i do want to touch on ONE thing.. during the crash I did see alot of BALANCES get lowered. So if you had a CC with a 25k Balance on a 30k limit.. I have seem them move it to 25k and Lower their "risk " by eliminating it. I had a few customers who had 100k business cards go to 30k 40k due to they never showed the bank they every USED the credit.

  7. Denver is awesome place to be located.


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