Positive aspects of refinancing to consolidate financial debt

Like numerous Australians you could have various money owed – most likely a property financial loan, a individual financial loan, and possibly even a credit rating card balance.

Possessing numerous money owed implies juggling heaps of distinctive repayments.

Far more importantly, you could be paying a lot more just about every month than required.

Which is because your individual financial loan and credit rating card could demand interest rates 2 times as high or a lot more, than the rate you are at present paying on your property financial loan.

A good way to preserve can be refinancing your property financial loan to consolidate distinctive money owed.

Let us see how it can get the job done.

We’ll say Sue has a property financial loan of $200,000 with a rate of 5%. She has a $fifteen,000 individual financial loan costing twelve% and $5,000 is owed on her credit rating card – attracting interest of 18%.

All up, Sue pays around $1,600 in month-to-month repayments.

Now let us see what occurs if Sue refinances her property financial loan to consolidate all these balances into one particular minimal rate financial loan.

In its place of juggling distinctive money owed, Sue only has to take care of her property financial loan, now well worth $220,000.

And as a substitute of paying rates as high as 18%, she pays just 5%.

By refinancing this way, Sue will fork out a solitary month-to-month compensation of $1,286 – that’s over $300 significantly less just about every month than she was beforehand paying.

This provides Sue added dollars to reside on. Or she can use the added $300 she now has out there just about every month to fork out off her property financial loan faster and preserve a lot more in overall interest.

The prospective draw back would be that Sue would be paying for quick expression financial debt over a extended period.

However, your area Home loan Preference broker can get the job done on the ideal strategy for consolidating your financial debt that satisfies your situation. Why not chat to them currently to uncover out a lot more?


Remember to see beneath for accompanying calculations

Ahead of consolidation:

Month-to-month compensation on Sue’s property financial loan $200,000 @ 5% $1,169*

Month-to-month compensation on Sue’s individual financial loan $fifteen,000 @ twelve% $ 334*

Month-to-month compensation on Sue’s credit rating card $5,000 @ 18% $ 102**

Overall month-to-month compensation $1,605

Right after consolidation

Month-to-month compensation on Sue’s property financial loan $220,000 @ 5% $1,286*

Month-to-month compensation reduction: $319

*Made utilizing property financial loan calculator on Home loan Preference site

**Made utilizing credit rating card calculator at, assumes minimal month-to-month compensation of 2%

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