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This Java Tutorial movie exhibits a simple Java System to work out System Mass Index BMI of a individual by calculating the fat/top squared and telling the individual whether he/she is underweight/usual/chubby or overweight

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  2. hi sir,
    this is vasu, i watched all you are videos, you explaned very well,
    and i want some important interview programs like binary search,linear serch, and sortings ….

  3. والله من العلم يالكيرلا

  4. why don't we just use integer reader instead of readLine?! 
    <-  i'm also studying c++, so i don't know why all this difficult to use input, just use "cin" 🙂

    thank you 

  5. @Bboy Senau, sorry its a very old video when I was still a noob on youtube, the recent ones are perfect in terms of speed

  6. wow great .. slow down a bit . you are too fast for me ..

  7. thnx 😀

  8. subscribed!


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