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Polish Swiss France Financial loans: Draft regulation enables conversion from home loans to zlotys

Polish Banking institutions are up in arms immediately after lawmakers authorized a draft monthly bill permitting homeowners to transform their Swiss franc home loans into Polish zlotys, a shift which could price tag Polish lenders USD five billion.

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  1. Ukies trolls down the bottom. Pathetic dogs.

  2. In the meantime, Putler will not help Russians similarly who were invited by Russian banks to take out mortgages in dollars, but who are now unable to pay backs loans because of the collapse in the value of the ruble – which was NOT their fault!  Why is this so?  Because Russia has no money, the banks have no money.  So good people are losing their homes, many thousands of them.

  3. We much needed reduction in dependency upon banks. The whole banking system is unjust.

  4. LOL …. Bravo Mr. Duda, this is a great news for some Poles. However, saying that I still can not understand how French, German and some Polish Banks were offering loans in Swiss currency without securing those loans in Swiss currency? having equivalent foreign exchange does not mean shit, since contracts were signed for that specific currency! Still I'm happy to hear that Mr. Duda addressed the issue in Poland. The Swiss currency loans were the biggest scum I've ever seen, in Russia there is huge circus with Swiss currency loans!


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