In What Buy Ought to I Spend Off My Pupil Financial loans?

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In What Buy Ought to I pay out Off My Pupil Financial loans?

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  1. was he say 32 dollars a month or the actual loan. if its the actual loan amount, he is an idiot lmbo

  2. Did I mess up by consolidating most of my student loans right after leaving school? I was offered the option to consolidate and it sounded great at the time but now a large portion of my loans are coupled together making the repaying process even harder.

  3. Smallest to largest doesn't make sense. It's cheaper to pay them off by highest interest rate first.

  4. God thank you for Dave! Where was is 30 years ago with all this info 🙁

  5. Can anyone help me? My husband and I saved 4K for our child's first car and we wanted your opinion on if a truck was a good car for him, he likes outdoors activities, and construction

  6. just wondering, why did you say that you don't care about the percentage?
    is it only to keep the person motivated?

  7. those first three loans are a joke haha!

  8. First!


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