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FAQ: Can I claim the two HRA and house financial loan tax deduction? – Residence Hotline

Professional: Harshil Mehta : CEO DHFL

Q: I am now living on lease, closer to my child’s faculty. If I invest in a household in exact metropolis, can I claim the two HRA & house financial loan tax deductions?

Answer: This is a thing a good deal of functioning parents or specialists do each and every year when they counter these types of a problem. Indeed one can claim HRA as perfectly as tax rewards on one’s house financial loans comprising the principal re-payment underneath Portion eighty C and interest payment underneath Portion 24(b). However, you should really preserve in head that on the property wherever you are spending EMI, odds are that you would also lease it out. In that situation the rental money is also deemed as an your money and consequently there is some total of netting off.

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