Pupil Loan Refinancing Can Aid Borrowers

As student financial debt proceeds to make up a more substantial economic obligation for American households, it is critical that we provide student debtors with as many mechanisms as possible to spend back their financial loans as swiftly as possible. One way to do so is to provide debtors with an opportunity to refinance federal and non-public student financial loans down to existing desire prices, thereby lowering their month-to-month payment and conserving probably 1000’s about the life of their personal loan.


  1. Why are only our children held accountable? Β 

    Why are only our children held accountable?
    I promise you if you take the time to read and watch all links on this post I believe you will have an epiphany Β and start to truly understand what is happening to our outdated student loan system and what our government has done and continues do to our children the very future of our great nation!
    Mr. President and Congress
    Because of your thirst for power over the very people you swore to protect and serve and……… just your pure Greed!
    You are destroying our Great Country…… one child at a time!
    I will leave you with this today

    "A baby comes into this world with only hope…..the only gold we will leave this earth with is our……..Word"

    Anthony Eller

  2. AMEN! Β What can we do to make this possible? Β Β 


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