MBS Day In advance: Degrees to Look at as Bonds Continue Consolidating (Ideally not Correcting)

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“Consolidation” has a bit of a different connotation when it comes to monetary marketplaces (as opposed to the dictionary definition of “the process of building one thing much better or far more sound”). As much as monetary marketplaces are worried, consolidation is what follows a sustained shift in sure route. This tends to choose the form of “correction” (a thrust again in the other route) at first, but can be deemed a consolidation if the thrust doesn&#039t choose the security in question too much again in the other route. In that sense, “a thrust again in the other route, but not too much” could be seen as legitimizing or strengthening the circumstance for buying and selling amounts having just achieved whichever amounts the new pattern helped them attain. If we think of a mountain…(browse far more)

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