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VA Mortgage Fantasy: All Lenders Understand the Military Home loan System

VA-suitable borrower Charles, a U.S. Military Sergeant serving in Afghanistan, needs to use his veteran advantages to get a property in the States but fulfills complications because of to misinterpretation of rigorous occupancy requirements for VA-guaranteed loans. 10 times prior to closing Charles’ financial institution stops the VA dwelling personal loan procedure mainly because his personal loan officer thinks the VA occupancy guidelines are not able to be fulfilled as Charles is deployed abroad. Pissed off, Charles’ authentic estate agent contacts about 10 loan providers and none of them are capable to assistance. Finally, she connects with iFreedom Direct® VA Mortgage Expert Margo, who presents her expertise in the VA dwelling personal loan procedure and rescues the personal loan. She is capable to clear up the VA personal loan myth concerning owner occupancy and clarifies that the VA is lenient when it comes to deployed services associates working with their dwelling personal loan advantages. Charles’ personal loan can proceed and he is capable to order his dwelling with VA financing.


  1. One hype after another.  V.A. also said they provide ptsd help (but you get into an endless loop of asking with no results when you try to get it.  It is all hype.  Now they are saying that you get a medical card that allows you to get help closer to your house if you live far away from the hospital.  Another hype.  No card and no help getting one.

  2. Well said!   For more information on VA mortgages in Florida click on the banker logo to the left and view the video "What All Veterans and Realtors should Know About VA Mortgages"

  3. I'm just thankful there are people who have the expertise to help because I an my husband ran up upon snag after snag an I wished we could have had someone like this whom knows the ins an outs of these programs.


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