Mortgage Calculator

How to Calculate a Personal loan Payment

BA II Plus Calculator:

In this video I demonstrate you how to work out a home finance loan (or any personal loan with fascination) making use of a finance calculator. Very quick to do. It can be normally a good thought to know the deal right before you chat to a product sales agent…

This is the calculator employed:

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  1. This video does not show how to calculate a loan, I want to see the math behind it!

  2. Mortgage interest rates are APR rates which are compounded monthly so you should have divided the interest rate by 12 to bust the rate into monthly and enter that into the interest rate part of your equation. Just my two cents

  3. This is dead wrong, please don't follow his advice. This would be great if someone was lending me $300,000 for 360 years. This payment is much closer to $2000

  4. You just applied an annual interest rate (5%) and set N for the number of months.


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