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Financial loan Amortization Calculator (Set up Excel Template)

This video displays how to open up and use the Financial loan Amortization Calculator observed in Microsoft Excel 2007/2010. Calculator enables you to enter loan sum, once-a-year curiosity fee, time frame, number of payments for each calendar year, get started day and any solution more payments. The calculator will output the cumulative loan, basic principle for each payment, curiosity for each payment and additional. This video also demonstrates how to unprotect the sheet.


  1. why the loan period in year is not recognize 2.5?

  2. In my version of MSO 10 the excel mortgage template shows the euro as the default currency, how do I change the currency symbol?

  3. Thank you for this quick and simple instruction. It was just what I needed!

  4. try these Loan amount $1,000,000.
    Annual interest rate 10.00 %
    Loan period in years 20
    Number of payments per year 26

  5. nice work, easy to follow Thank you for doing the work. Could you please tell me why when I put "Number of payments" per year to 26 ( fortnightly) I get different number for "Scheduled number of payments"
    than "Actual number of payments"
    but if i put 12 for the "Number of payments" then there is no problem.


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