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Learn Excel 2013 – “Mortgage Amortization Table”: Podcast #1664

In the United States, Spring season is ordinarily the New Property acquiring season. The dilemma is: “Have you ever required to learn how to determine a financial loan payment on your very own?” Today, in Episode #1664, Bill reveals us how to determine financial loan payments on the Mortgage Volume as well as a month to month breakdown around the life of the financial loan making use of Excel 2013.

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  1. I am not sure where I am going wrong, on creating an amortization table. I get as far as Cntl-C, yet, when I drag the cursor down the 44 rows that I need, the numbers down propagate into the various cells. I'm getting the same data that is in line 8 all the way across. I figure it is something simple that I'm missing.

  2. I don't see … and I don't get … what you mean by "Press F4 to get the dollar signs." Can you help me?

  3. Was wondering how to add an "extra payment of a lesser amount ($50 or $100) to payments. For some reason when I was doing it thru Excel, it didn't like my added colum… Any recommendations???

  4. saved my life! (L)

  5. It is always usefull to make a projection table like this one !


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