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How To Estimate Mortgage Payments (with an amortization schedule)

Have you ever wondered why you happen to be having to pay so a lot desire and so minor money on your house loan financial loan? In this presentation, I make clear how to estimate your payments and how to make an amortization schedule. When you realize this calculation, you will be ready to reply that fundamental finance dilemma?


  1. What if you have a down payment?

  2. how do yow calculate the monthly repayment given that Loan is 250000 at 16%rate compounded continuously.
    The amount has to be paid back 8 equal instalments payable at the end of each quarter.

  3. Ok I have a question. I have a line of equity that has a rate of 2.75% and I only have a few days left to use it before it locks and will be given 20 yrs to pay off the balance (and that's a good rate so I think I should just pull the money out now). I have an opportunity to make 3.5% on that money that pays me monthly interest. Does it make sense to put the money in the 3.5% interest investment or am I missing something? In order to pay the 20 yr loan back I will have to pull out extra to cover the principal and interest so each month I will be earning a little less interest on that 3.5% investment. Does it make sense to do it?

  4. Thank you!! I have been looking for a video that does Amortization by hand, really helped me out for my finance class! 


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