Mortgage Loan

All Lender Loans are a Fraud – Banksters 4

This video exhibits that there is no this kind of matter as a bank financial loan.
All bank loans are a fraud.
It is unlawful for them to financial loan revenue.
All mortgages are a fraud.
The sub-key disaster was a fraud.
The federal personal debt is a fraud.
All governing administration personal debt is a fraud.
These banksters are burglars.
All financial institutions run below Roman regulation below Roman Cult authority.

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  1. BANKS Never lent any moneys since 1994, see a diagram, at Public
    Exhibit 1.!Aqs7zg7dRLmHgWadYXGNwE4AfoDm The father of 911 perpetrators did it with the Banks and
    FED.   Yes Banks Robbed us, they earn 113% a year,
    they used to earn 3-6% prior to their 1994 scam lending papers.

  2. Its not so bad though… Fractional reserve banking allows people who want to start businesses to get cash. When they get the cash if the business is successful this deflates the money back down and grows the economy, thats why governments say moderate inflation is good 1-3%.

    I do agree however some commercial bankers should'nt be getting all this money for nothing. Banks should be state owned and profits should go back to the economy. It looks shafty but it really helps the economy!!!

  3. Now ya tellz me?!  I just sold my soul to the company store, ha ha. Time to vector in the vigilantes.  Love, mox.

  4. Thank you for posting this. I woke up in the tenth month of two-thousand, and fifteen. I began writing my creditors and asking them to validate their claim(s). Concerning my "car loan" that never happened, I have been running these guys around since they filed a lawsuit against me in February 2016. However it seems that 8 months later, the turd is finally making it's way to the hole in the toilet for it's awaited flush. I trapped this "judge" and have 5 other agencies watching this case.(New Mexico Attorney General, Indiana Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission, NACU, and private out of state law firm) The administrator has lost his sting and this case will die by Truth Affidavit on Monday. I would like to share my experiences with you. This case will give judicial cause to reverse and cancel auto loans all over the country. I can be found on FB. Peace

  5. All of your videos are the same information over and over. I like your videos but they are the same thing why make so many with the same information?

  6. This is bang on! Back to basics; Why do you think when a loan/mortgage is applied for you are required to sign a document 24 hours before it is "secured" by the bank and then return the next day and sign again? It is because the fictitious money is secretly created at the first unsecured signing and deposited in an unnamed account. When you sign for the "secured loan" 24 hours later it is created again in your account. What you are not told is you can claim the initial amount from the unnamed account so it is then claimed by the bank so the "loan" has already been repaid. The bank then claims the second "secured" amount in your name under the signed(fraudulent) contract. Then unlawful "usury" interest is added. So any loan/mortgage enacted has already been redeemed financially by thee bank before it has even been authorised. When this is added to the fraud of "loaning" money they do not even own, the depth of the scam begins to become apparent!!…. And thats just for starters……

  7. DeFacto to DeJure!!!

  8. Ironically, an ad for a bank popped up on this video..

  9. The ads for lawyers on your videos are ironic….

  10. All Federal Reserve member banks are financial agents of the USA. The USA is the bank.

  11. I've looked over modern money mechanics everyone should take a look at it you can download it free.

  12. Roman Civil Law? Try Jew Civil Law.

  13. Wow….thanks so much! I feature your work at peace to you, happy new year! peace ven

  14. this is too good

  15. is no longer up? i'm in fort worth as was looking for more local like minded people. vid mentions passio's research. love his stuff more than all the law people i've looked at.

  16. Hey, do you have a video on the zip code fraud??????? You mentioned in another video about someone in Canada returning a utility bill by writing on the letter "return for fraud" There is nothing mentioning in the 18 US Code 1341 about how to reply to a fraud like the Canadian did (return for fraud)


  18. can you please calm down in your next videos. great info but your giving me a headache. cheers

  19. My life in Liberal Klans Oregon!!

    Arab/Muslim Americans are treated less than animals!

    We are being prosecuted in a daily basis! High tech lynching, institutionally racism! Especially for Arab women!!

    Oregon former late A.G. Dave Frohnmayer had my SS# blocked & prevented me from getting employed, made me homeless and jobless!

    He was the one who started & initiated the fraud of taking over our homes!!

    His bank robber Rep. Bob Ackerman hired Scarlet Lee/Barnhart Associated, forged my family's signature, sold our fully paid Condo, without my signature!!

    Bob Ackerman had never responded to the Summon from the Court, and the sheriff never served him or arrested him either!!

    ThIs is what kind of criminal government we have in Oregon!!

    I ran five times for public offices! Voter Fraud & Sedition by Lane County government to protect & cover up for the two criminals Frohnmayer & Ackerman!!

    Oregon government is complicit with their crimes!!

    Please sign petition.

  20. Thanks for the Info

  21. Particeps Criminis …We are all partners in crime…That's how they win…

  22. and…

  23. thanks freind. your one of the last patriots. wish we had a million more just like you.


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