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Undesirable Credit Home loans – How to Get House Financial loans With Undesirable Credit

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  1. My credit was really bad before. I know for sure that you DO NOT want to get the loan prior to building your credit first because you will have to pay higher interest rate.

  2. +Chris King
    In case you haven't done anything about it yet:

    It's best you don't get a loan with bad credit.
    However, when you mean bad credit, you should mean bad credit as lenders do.

    As of today, some lenders will lend if your middle credit score is 580 (FHA loans).  But they cost you more (higher interest rate) and you can borrow less (in relation to value of home).

    They will insist that all of the 3.5% minimum down payment is yours.  They will require reserves.

    One of the best things you can do, is pay down credit cards.  Don't pay them off and close them, just bring them as low as possible.  For some people, (i.e., depending on how much over 50% your balances were), that's enough to jump your middle score to 640.

    Once you're at 640, you have many more lenders willing to lend and they're all more relaxed about it.

    If you your middle score is less than 640, even by 1 point, you're in a different game.  If you're a military/navy/air force person, VA is your best bet.  If not, FHA.  And, stay away from condos.  They're hard to get an FHA loan on, unless they're on FHA's approved list (and few are).

    If you are refinancing a condo, make sure your mortgage broker works with a lender that gets condos approved for its borrowers and make sure the HOA is willing to participate (it involves them giving you a lot of documents.)

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  4. Waste of time misleading title

  5. Bank's love people with high credit FICO score. FOR BANK'S IT MEANS

    use credit in a smart way to move you forward for a short time ONLY!
    Until you don't need them.

  6. The title is totally misleading. The Video has nothing to do with Bad Credit Mortgage. Save your time and watch another video that actually talks about bad credit mortgages.

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  8. Getting better loans is not hard if you know how to repair your credit.

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  13. Do you need a steady income for a loan i think that the first thing people need to take out a loan.

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  15. this tells me nothing about how to get a home loan with bad credit

  16. Great tips thanks

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  21. I found this informative, but you misspelled "sense" at 0:47. Remember in school when you asked your teacher if spelling counted? Yes, it does.

  22. OMG! Even with my bad credit my bank pre-qualified me for a $0 mortgage!! I only have bad credit because i have two months worth of savings in my bank acct! Thank you so much Mortgageloantips!

  23. @girleighmom Yeah. Makes me question the whole video.

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