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Set and Variable Home loan Prices – Home loan Math #4 with

– Set and variable house loan charges have an impact on more than your house loan payment. RedPath Economical Home loan Broker Ian MacKay describes the discrepancies between the two.

ABOUT Home loan MATH:
No matter if you are a 1st-time homebuyer or a veteran home owner, mastering the ins and outs of the home obtaining procedure and the Canadian house loan market place can be a large endeavor. Made by and The Loop by, Home loan Math is an all-new online video sequence dedicated to offering viewers all of the information and resources required to navigate by way of the environment of mortgages and homeownership.

Showcasing some of’s most effective and brightest partners, you will not only study about seven unique facets of the home obtaining procedure — like how to qualify for a house loan, evaluate fixed and variable charges, and estimate CMHC insurance plan — but also comply with along as our experts execute the linked calculations in true-time on a whiteboard.

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  1. Best thing to do is save for the biggest down payment you can. Cash is king. Put down 20% not 5% like he mentioned. Borrow less, be debt free in life sooner than later. If you owe money I you're 60's you should be worried.

  2. Just a bunch of money hungry people trying to squeeze money out of people

  3. Could anyone suggest how to calculate the variable rate in excel when payment is given but no interest rate is given????

  4. So which is better? What does it depend on?

  5. Great video for those just getting started with looking at #mortgages . 
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  6. now it's crystal clear, THANKS 🙂

  7. Thanks for clarifying this difference. Great video!


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